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Welcome to Riverdale, Kingsbridge Education

Looking for a school? Or an event taking place at one? Get all the education info you need in our education Section. Find out where schools are located, what they look like and Information pertaining to a particular school.

A Message from the Vice President for Enrollment Management, William J. Bisset, Jr.

New York City is the educational, financial, social and cultural center of the world, and Manhattan College is right on its doorstep. Our location in the beautiful Riverdale section of New York affords you the opportunity to study in a residential community, while experiencing all of the excitement only a city like New York has to offer.

You can read, discuss, and analyze a modern drama, and then attend its live performance on Broadway. If you take a finance course in banking and the speculative markets, you can see these theories put into practice on Wall Street. If your interest is in film or broadcasting, you can try an internship or co-op with ABC, CBS, NBC or any of the major radio stations located only twenty minutes away. Full Message >>

A message from John R. Johnson, Ph.D.

Riverdale Country School is an independent day school that provides a continuous coeducational program for boys and girls from pre-kindergarten through grade twelve. The school is located on two wooded campuses in the northwest corner of New York City, NY.

We invite you to consider the many advantages of Riverdale Country School. Full Message >>

Profile of
M.S./H.S. 141 David A. Stein
Riverdale/Kingsbridge Academy

Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy is truly a community school. For many years, students who attended the middle school would have to commute to large high schools far from their homes, but in response to community demand, MS 141 added a high school in 1999 so that 8th graders would have a high-quality neighborhood choice. The school is headed by a cohesive team of administrators who aim to meet the needs of the students and the community. "Everyone who looks at RKA sees it as a neighborhood school," said Principal Danielle Phillips, pointing out that the school provides services for families, and students volunteer in the area's numerous senior centers and tutor at feeder schools. Full Profile >>